10 useful facts about the Indian Stock Market.

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10 useful facts about the Indian Stock Market.

  1. If the grey market is telling the real story then SBI Card IPO which is expected to open on March 02, will be the next one of the multi-bagger stocks of the Indian stock market. (Here is Analysis and how you can apply)

2. If you want to increase your chances of getting IPO lot then apply for one lot from different Demat accounts, here’s how.

Here ‘Different Accounts’ means apply for one lot from multiple Demat accounts In your family and chances for them getting shares in the draw are better than that for one application.

Example: You applied for one lot from 15 different accounts in your family. If your family is not that big then apply for 5 lots.

1 lot from your Mother’s Demat account 
1 lot from your Father’s Demat account 
1 lot from your Brother’s Demat account 
1 lot from your Sister’s Demat account 
1 lot from your Demat account

By doing it, you have blocked your 64,000 wisely. Your chances of getting the allotment would also be much higher.

If you want to open Demat account in less than 4 hours then you can opt forUpstox(Know more). Ratan Tata backed Upstox is brokerage free, easy to use and more than 50 technical analysis tools.

3. Pharma stocks surge and tumble mostly due to USDFA observations and reactions can’t easily be tracked as it happens overnight.

Ex- Aurobindo Pharma first surged 20% on receiving Establishment Inspection Report from USFDA then tumbled 18% when USDFA revoked the EIR issued on February 18.

4. 20 some of the best IPOs you will hit the Indian stock market in 2020.

5. Brent Crude is the coincident indicator for some industries. When Crude prices go up stocks of Aviation, OMCs, Cement, Tyres feel pressure and vice-versa (as they include crude in their COGS).

6. Coal India, the world’s number 1 coal mining company is expected to give a whopping 40 to 45 Rs dividends before April 2020 as it announced that the company is likely to sell 4 of its subsidiaries and book a pretax profit of ₹22,000 Cr. (Source: ZeeBiz)

7. When you expect weakness in the market in the short term, invest in IT stocks as most of their revenues come $ so better revenue when the domestic currency weakens. Like today (24 Feb 2020)

8. More than 80 stocks in the NIFTY500 index surged more than 50% in the last year.

9. There are three indicators that tell the state of the economy: Leading, Coincident and Lagging indicator. A leading indicator is an economic factor that changes before the rest of the economy begins to go in a particular direction, whereas a coincident indicator is a metric that shows the current state of economic activity within a particular area and a lagging indicator is a financial sign that becomes apparent only after a large shift has taken place. Therefore, lagging indicators confirm long-term trends, but they do not predict them. So do your homework before predicting the future.

10. Radhakishan Damani, the founder of retailer Avenue Supermarts, has become India’s second-richest person with a net worth of $17.8 billion (next only to his Altamount Road neighbor Mukesh Ambani) as the stock surged to a lifetime high. Also, DMart’s CEO Naval Noronha became the wealthiest CEO in India with a net worth of 3,100 Cr. Rs.

Bonus: Some of the companies are only of its kind listed entity, like:

  • Delta Corp. It is the only listed company which owns a Casino.
  • Syngene International is Asia’s largest contract research & manufacturing organization is a subsidiary of Biocon Limited.


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